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Stuggling with credit?

Are you in collection? Do you have numerous negative items on your credit report? Do you feel lost or hopeless? Do you have a low credit score and finally want to improve that? If you answered "YES" to any or all of these, let's talk as I can help. As someone who struggled with credit cards and finances throughout my twenties, I am proud to share my journey and discovery on how I took control of my credit back in 2016. 


Proud to say I have been in the 800 credit score club for a number of years now. NO, I am not a lawyer, accountant, nor a financial advisor. I am a normal person (just like you) who one day stopped making excuses. I learned the secrets that credit cards do not want you to know. While it was a tough road, I drastically improved my credit score by over 120 points in only 9 months! Email me to learn more. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain --- understand that you have options and legal rights when it comes to your credit. My rates are affordable, let's chat!!

Do you know what your credit score is? Where does your score fall?


What do you get working with me?

A Finacial Coach who will guide you. As someone whose overcome many of the similar challenges, I have firsthand experience and perspective.  

Do you guarantee how many points my credit score will improve?

No, the reality is each person's financial situation differs. However, I can absolutely help remove negative items off your report which in turn will improve your credit reporting and thus increase your score.  

How long will this take?

Again, hard to predict and give a time period due to us needing to analyze your credit first. However, you should begin to see improvement within 60-90 days.  

How much do you charge?

My rate is $269 dollars. It is a one-time fee with zero monthly fees. This is a very affordable rate. If you google debt repairing services or debt consolidation; those fees often include a large deposit with monthly fees ranging between $99 to $250 dollars each month.


Note, Full payment is due upfront before we begin working together. Zelle is my preferred payment method. Will accept Venmo too. 

What does the fee include?

My services as a financial coach entail working with you for a total of 100 days. We can extend that for a longer period at an additional rate. We can discuss that at a later date. 

What is the process/what is step one?

We first do a 15-minute consultation to understand your general credit needs and expectations to see if my service makes sense for the both of us. Afterwards, if you wish to work with me, you will need to Zelle me full payment. Next, you will need to produce your credit report (I can help you on that). We have a 30-min zoom meeting to create the gameplan. The 100 days will include three (3) dispute opportunities (will share more on what that means) and follow up zoom meetings every 30 days to review progress. Note, this will require your full commitment to get results. I will provide the tools to help get you there. Similar to a personal trainer, I will guide and give you step by step actions to take but know you still need to do the work on your end. I am not responsible if you fail to do some, or all the steps laid out for you which could affect seeing improvement on your credit. 

Do you really have an 800+ credit score?

Yes, I do - see below! I have committed myself to being financially responsible and debt free. I am proud of my growth and commitment. Less than 21% of Americans have credit scores in the 800 range. I hope to help put you on that path. 

credit score 3.png

Knowledge is Power. Understanding what items make up your credit score is key to knowing how to improve and keep your credit healthy.


Last by not least... love to share this quick video showing why getting out of debt is crucial to improving your overall finances. If you leave my website with one takeaway, please let it be this. Credit and Credit Cards Companies will never work for your benefit. They want you to spend beyond your means. They want you to keep carrying a high balance with a high interest rate. I hope this video motivates you as it did for me.

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