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"A special thank you to Gus for facilitating Let’s talk about diversity training with Choose Chicago’s staff and leadership. Gus’s presentation was easy to follow, engaging and a wonderful starting point for tackling an uncomfortable topic. Gus’s experience in hospitality makes him a fantastic resource for destination marketing organizations & industry organizations looking to launch or expand equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) efforts. We received very positive feedback from staff on Gus’s presentation and hope to work with him again in the future!"

                                                                     - ROZ STUTTLEY,CMP 

                                                                      Director, Equity Diversity & Inclusion 

                                                                      Choose Chicago

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* “Great story Gus !”
* “Thank you Gus, I am struggling with the uncomfortable portion of life right       now so you words are encouraging.”
* “I totally relate to you Gus (Guest) being a 1st generation college grad and          having to navigate those unknowns. It was a challenge but the outcome was      still rewarding”

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