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Our Services

Our Services

We are excited and thrilled to partner with you on an array of different paths. GSM Diversity LLC is different from other DEI consulting companies because we focus on the human element. We are more interested in having open and real conversations about these important issues and topics. In my experience, leadership falls into one of two categories. They either don’t believe in diversity and need convincing. Or they do believe in diversity, and they need encouragement.  

By stepping back and looking at the entire picture (think seeing the forest vs. just a few trees), we are able to better understand our colleagues, clients, and partners. Remember, it's hard to see privilege when you have it. A fish doesn't see water. 

Below are ways GSM Diversity can partner with you. We are also open to all business inquiries and opportunities.

Thank you for your interest.

Gus Martinez

Founder, GSM Diversity LLC


  • Unconscious Biases – how they effect the workplace

  • Diversity 101 (etiquette)

  • Allyship – how to be in the game


Topics - ​

  • Why We Need to Practice More Cultural Humility vs Cultural Awareness

  • Adapting to the "Millennial Effect"

  • How to better attract, recruit, and retain new talent


  • Help create an assessment of current demographics and company goals

  • Collaborate with organization to develop a strong, long-term DEI strategy

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