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The Need for Representation

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I often hear people ask how they can help in the cause for equality. One way is to be conscious on where you spend your money - i.e. support minority businesses. Another way, is to look deeper at the climate and voices within your organization. When Senior Management is non diverse, they tend to promote and sponsor people that look like and act like them – that is known as "self fulfilling prophecy." This only keeps the status quo. The below numbers show how one sided representation is in our country. Understand companies and organizations need to do a much better job at reflecting how their clients and how society looks. I am available to help create a strategic plan. #diversity

Ten richest Americans 100% White

US Congress 90% White

US governors 96% White

Top military advisors 100% White

President and Vice President 100% White

US House Freedom Caucus 99% White

Current US Presidential cabinet 91% White

People who decide which TV shows we see 93% White

People who decide which books we read 90% White

People who decide which news is covered 85% White

People who decide which music is produced 95% White

Teachers 82% White

Full-time college professors 84% White

Owners of professional football teams 97% White

(from White Fragility - stats from 2017)

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