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Born and raised in Chicago, I come from a proud Mexican American family. A product of Chicago Public Schools and Public University (University of Illinois - Chicago). I have my Diversity & Inclusion certification from Cornell University. And I bring over 15 years of experience in the tourism and non-profit sector working in sales, marketing, diversity, and operations.


Through GSM Consulting LLC I bring an unique perspective from the lens of Millennial + The Latinx/Latino community, two important and growing market segments. Diversity has been a strong passion of mine. I have seen, experienced, and witnessed firsthand when organizations fail to give attention to diversity; it always effects the company negatively. Diversity and Inclusion offers a competitive edge in the workplace if created and fostered properly. Leaders must understand that D&I is a journey and not a destination - it is a commitment for the long term! My goal is to be a resource by helping organizations with their diversity recruitment, retention, road mapping, and employee engagement via my training/coaching. 


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