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Chicago Made

Chicago Made

Representation Matters: You cannot be what You cannot see

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Why Diversity & Inclusion Matters

  • Do you want to create an inclusive workspace and don't know the first step?

  • Trying to find new talent? Are you hiring for Culture Fit or Culture Add?​

  • Struggling with your DEI strategy

  • What are your blind spots?

  • Seeking a speaker for your next conference?


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Personal Background: Born and raised in the southside of Chicago, Gus comes from a proud Mexican American family. A product of Chicago Public Schools and Public University (University of Illinois - Chicago). He is the second youngest of seven siblings. Gus understood at an early age the importance of hard work, education, scarifying, and grit. He is also a die-hearted Chicago sports fan - Go Bears! 

Professional background: Gus has nearly two decades of experience working in the tourism and hospitality/meetings industry. From working front office at luxury downtown Chicago hotels, to leading sales efforts and initiatives at three different convention bureaus (CVBs) for over 10 years, Gus has always been driven, goal orientated, and a self-starter. Then, in 2020 he obtained his Diversity & Inclusion certification from Cornell University and established GSM Diversity LLC. 

Mission: Having worked in the diversity space for over 8+ years; I was tasked at managing the multicultural market while building relationships where none existed. This work both fueled my passion for DEI and inspired me too. Unfortunately, too often I was asked to bring the business case for diverse business. Equally, I saw organizations and Fortune 1000 companies publicly offer their support and commitment to help underserved communities, only to witness little change. I quickly realized leadership and people of influence were disconnected in this space. They lacked understanding, lived experience, and sometimes compassion to make any real difference. Biases in and outside the workplace were predetermining many outcomes - unfavorably for people of different physical appearances and backgrounds. I knew then my calling was to help bring purpose to life. I help leaders and organizations better understand the true value of multiculturalism, the need and power of inclusion, tackling their own unconscious biases, while being able to learn from those around us - i.e., teachable moments.

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