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GSM Consulting LLC is committed to fighting systematic racism and all forms of social injustice. We teach clients the value and impact for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by humanizing these topics. Focusing on the human spirit is critical as we have identified diversity is most successful when it becomes personal for staff and leadership.

We bring the lens of both the Latinx/Latino community & Millennials; two important and growing markets. Diversity is a strong passion of ours. We have seen, experienced, and witnessed firsthand when organizations fail to give proper focus to diversity -- it always effects the company negatively.


Diversity and Inclusion offers innovation and a competitive edge in the workplace when fostered properly. Leaders must understand that D&I is a journey because we must unlearn things that we have been taught our entire lives. Our goal is to be a resource by helping organizations with their diversity recruitment and pipeline, internal practices, establishing equitable polices, and improving employee engagement via GSM Consulting's training and coaching. 

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Born and raised in Chicago, Gus comes from a proud Mexican American family. A product of Chicago Public Schools and Public University (University of Illinois - Chicago). He has his Diversity & Inclusion certification from Cornell University while bringing nearly two decades of professional experience in the tourism and non-profit sector working in diversity, sales, marketing, and operations.


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